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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DTG Printing?

DTG printing means "Direct to garment", meaning "direct to fabric printing". It is also known as breathable pressure. The machines that make this printing print the print directly on the fabric and the print texture is not formed, the product obtained after printing can breathe because the dye penetrates the fabric. Each color provides endless color printing for cotton-based products. Especially OEKA-TEX certified Dupont inks are harmless even for baby health.

What is DTF Printing?

DTF printing is a "direct to film" method. In addition, sugar printing is also known as white color transfer printing. In this type of printing, reverse printing is made on the special transfer film with special dyes. Then this printed film is passed through TPU powder and heated in the oven system. At the end of these processes, it is placed on the fabric and transferred to the fabric with a heat press. In this type of printing, any color, any kind of fabric can be printed in infinite colors. But since it is transfer printing in its essence, it is not breathable, it has a printing texture.

What is UV Printing?

UV printing, wood, metal, plastic, silicone etc. It is a method of printing on hard surfaces. Machine working principle is the same as DTG machines, but the paint used in it is different. This print type is one of the most durable outdoor prints. With this printing method, glasses, pens, lighters, phone cases, glass, wood, stone, metal, etc. It is possible to print on many materials.

What is Pretreatment Fluid Application Machine?

DTG are the machines that need to be applied before printing and apply the pre-treatment liquid automatically and homogeneously. Compared to manual application, automatic machines get a more homogeneous spray, preventing different brightness and toning as a result of printing. It shortens the processing time and allows a comfortable workmanship. At the same time, it provides savings by adjusting the amount of liquid by spraying a fixed amount.

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