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NeoDTG T6 Textile Printing Machine

Best Selling

  • Possibility of direct printing on many textile products (Products with at least 50% cotton are recommended).

  • Flexibility in production thanks to the ability to print on DTF Film.

  • Ability to print an average of 40 products per hour at photographic resolution. (1440x1440 resolution).

  • Ability to print an average of 80 products per hour in production mode.

  • 180 Nozzle, Fast Dx5 and Dx7 Print Head.

  • 30x40 cm printing area.

  • Printing on any fabric or sewn textile product with automatic height adjustment.

  • Compatible with Dupont inks, the lowest printing cost in the industry.

  • Free RIP software.

  • Free printing and maintenance training.

  • 1 year warranty.

  • Professional production with linear system and panel.

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