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Original Dupont Artistri Brite P5003 and P5010 are Pretreatment Fluids.


  • It provides you with brighter and more durable results compared to other products.
  • Since it is a more concentrated product compared to other products, quality results are obtained with less use. For this reason, wet printing can be done with DuPont pretreatment fluids.
  • P5003 is suitable for use on colored fabrics. The fabric to be used should contain at least 50% cotton.
  • P5010 is suitable for white fabric. Polyester fabrics can be printed with this pretreatment liquid.
  • Please contact our support unit for usage instructions.
  • The recommended shelf life is 6 months.
  • Opened or damaged products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Dupont Artistri Brite P5003 and P5010 Pretreatment Fluid

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