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NeoDTG F1 Fully Automatic DTF Printing Machine

New Product

  • Print Width: 30 cm

  • Roll type printing capability.

  • Thanks to the heated front tray, it is possible to print with a finer texture and less cost with less powder usage.

  • Heated and ventilated moisture-blocking dusting tank.

  • Automatic dust shaking system.

  • Adjustable print speed and quality setting.

  • Winding system that automatically adjusts itself according to the printing speed.

  • Chimney outlet drying oven.

  • Fast printing with 180 nozzles, Epson printhead. (2.5% faster than Dx5 printhead)

  • Printhead replacement cost 200 usd.

  • Free RIP software.

  • 1 year extended warranty.

  • Starting price of 4500 USD.

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